100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We put our money where our mouth is…

Rain policy

We offer a regular service to all our customers and to do that we need to be out working on the rainy days too. We always offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee so if we have cleaned your windows (raining or not) and they are not cleaned to your satisfaction we will happily do them again for free!

Some days it rains too heavily for safe working conditions. On these rare days we won’t clean your windows. Other than this, you will see us out working in the rain to ensure our customers receive the regular, reliable service they are used to. The results you will see in the rain are exactly the results you will see when it’s dry. Our pure water is designed to get rid of the dirt on your window, and we can assure you, rain water on a clean window wont affect the clean finish we always deliver.

Therefore we are happy to offer a free clean if you are unhappy with any part of our service.

If you are not satisfied, you must contact us within 24 hours of your clean.